The ‘Samen Imkeren’ project

Together with Coby van Dooremalen of Wageningen University and Resarch (WUR), Marleen Boerjan explains in this YouTube film the set-up of the ‘Samen Imkeren’ (Keeping Bees Together) project of Bijen@wur, in which DDB participates.

Research goals of this project are:

  • Gathering knowledge about the practical use of various resistant populations of colonies as compared to control colonies, including the mite infestation level at which a colony can still survive.
  • Gathering experience in maintaining resistant and non-resistant colonies in one single apiary.
  • Exchanging knowledge between the participating organisations about beekeeping practices.
  • Showcasing to the beekeeping community beekeeping with Varroa-resistant colonies and eliminating chemical treatment against Varroa mites.

The first phase of the ‘Samen Imkeren’ project expired in April 2019.