Neeltje Jans Queen rearing

Mating result Neeltje Jans 2020

In 2020 mating nuclei have been placed on Neeltje Jans during four periods. We have added a fourth period because of the growing demand for black, Varroa-resistant queens. In addition, there was an extra period for participants of the queen rearing course organised by Henk Kok. A total of 17 beekeepers, including course participants, have placed their nuclei on Neeltje Jans.

During all periods 8 drone-producing colonies were present at Neeltje Jans. These had unrelated queens, contrarily to the usual approach of other mating stations, where the drones stem from sister queens. The DDB has opted for this approach in order to minimise inbreeding.

Thanks to the favourable weather during the mating season the average fertilisation percentage was considerably higher than the multi-year average for Neeltje Jans.


Period # nuclei # fertilised % fertilisation
2 (including course)523771%